Sunday, December 2, 2012

Binding woes

So my retro quilt is pieced, backed, and tied. I have the binding halfway on. I was trying a machine binding technique, but I just can't get the hang of it. I love the look, so I can see myself making binding that has the look of added piping, but I will just have to finish it the old fashioned way - by hand stitching.

I need to do some grading today and get the midterm grades submitted. My surgery is Wednesday and I also need to get plans finalized for my sub. I am not looking forward to the recovery period but am looking forward to the (hopefully) long- term relief that it will provide. I will start back at school in January.

There are so many projects that I wish I could get done over the next month, but I think I will mostly be catching up on my reading. That's good too!

Matt is quitting BGSU. He is not happy, finally admitted to being depressed, and wants to be home. If he doesn't know what he wants to do, he shouldn't be wasting the money on college. At least he has begun the job search. Dan still loves it - well, the classes, not the work! He's ready for break.

Until next time.

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