Friday, September 21, 2012

Sick day

     Lost my voice yesterday and am very congested. Since I can't talk, I can't teach -- so sick day for me. I really don't feel horrible, but I am tired. Might try to sleep later.
     I finished the first cutting instructions for This and That's Mystery Monday #4. I haven't gotten any sashing, binding or backing materials yet. I want to see the pattern first before making another decision. And who knows? Maybe I'll have some fabric that would already work! Nah...what was I thinking???
     I have been working on UFO's. I have the Purple Puke Log Cabin blocks finished and joined in groups of four, with lights inward. Most of the blocks did not come out matching at the strips. The last blocks I made were actually the worst. I whipped those up quickly; I should have taken more time. I'm sure waiting 15 years to work on it again hurts things, too. I think I used different seam allowance or strip widths. Oh well. Need to put on the sashes and borders. Veronica said she'd take it since she loves purple. She has seen some of the blocks already, so it won't be a complete, hideous surprise to her!
     I need to finish tying my retro quilt. I hope Zorro doesn't try to help again. Having a cat dive under the fabric is NOT conducive to tying a quilt! is the list of UFO's that I need to work on:
1. Retro quilt: tying and binding
2. Baby quilt: complete binding, once back from Lisa, who is quilting it
3. Sampler quilt: complete binding, once back from Lisa, who is quilting it
4. Purple puke quilt: finish piecing, then tie it and bind it
5. T-shirt quilts for the boys: not even started, but I do have some of the material!
6. This and That Mystery Quilt #4: weekly instructions sent - I am current on the steps!
7. Braid quilt: design by Eleanor Burns, joined a QAL started by Aunt Marti at 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks, only sign ups done so far
8. Pre-printed material quilt: Made up of rusts and blues, the material is printed with houses. Very 80s. Need to sew parts together, then tie it, and bind it.
9. New baby quilt using Moda's Lily and Will charm packs with additional "beehive" type material
10. Hidden Wells quilt. I bought the pattern years ago and still like it. I have some material in greens and reds that would work well, but I need one or two more for additional contrast. The fabrics that I have are good Fall-type fabrics, so I'll want to match them up.
     I can't think of any more quilt projects, but I have plenty of other crafty UFO's. That will be another list!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Another week rushes by...

End of another week. Tests to grade and cleaning to do this weekend. Tomorrow, we are going out with some friends. Recently, it seemed like every time they called to ask us to get together, we were busy. So now we're free and can catch up.

I've been working on the purple log cabin quilt trying to square up the blocks. I have some blocks that are almost too small and I will have to watch the seam allowance. Then I have other blocks that are too big and I have to trim them down a half-inch. Those blocks may look ridiculous because their outermost pieces will end up being thin. Not what I intended, but what I get for not touching it for 10+ years.

I joined the Little Bits of This & That Mystery Monday project. She suggested fall or holiday fabrics. I had one piece large enough in my stash that I considered using. I was going to have to buy some complimentary fabrics, though. Then, today at school, I was getting some supplies out of my closet and found some Christmas fabric that I just adore! (I used to use that fabric on my bulletin board. It's still in good shape, so why not be creative with it?) The fabric is a dark blue and has red, gold, and silver ribbons designs on it; the designs look like Christmas trees! This will (obviously) be the dark fabric piece that I need. I might use a red for the medium and a silvery gray for the light color. I hope to get to the fabric store tomorrow. That reminds me, I need to buy some solid black fabric for the sashes on the purple quilt. The sashes should help minimize the uneven blocks.

Extra tired today --- think I will lie down and try to nap. TTYL.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Purple quilt

So I started working on my purple Log Cabin UFO. Boy, is it ugly! I just wanted to make a purple quilt with as many varieties of purple fabric as I could get. It was supposed to be a gift for my mother-in-law, but she passed away before I finished it. She would have loved going over all the purple fabric and choosing her favorite of the moment -- but it all really clashes. I'll finish it and pass it on to my niece-in-law who also loves purple. She claims she likes it even though I know she is just being nice!

I had planned to work on my retro quilt today. Actually, I did start tying it. Of course, that's when the cats decided it would be a fun thing to play on, dive under, and lounge upon. Needless to say, I didn't get too far. Well, back to the ugly purple quilt top!

Friday, September 7, 2012

What to do, what to do...

So, I really want to do some quilting or sewing, but I'm extra shaky today from my Parkinson's and I think I'd end up making too many mistakes and just being frustrated. Even if I work on something soon or tomorrow, I don't know which project I want to tackle. I need to finish my retro quilt. Oh, the top is done and I've got the backing cut to size, but I still have to cut the batting and start tying it. (I refuse to have it quilted! That would be too much money on such an ugly quilt!) I should spend some time trying to iron some of the pressed seams the other way to minimize that "show through" appearance. It would look better, but I dread that time commitment -- it's a big quilt top! Also, I don't know what to do about the binding. I saw a sew-only binding that uses an accent piece -- very nice -- and I'd like to try that on this quilt but I already made the binding. I could cut it down to the correct size, but the fabric is a bit thin and the accent fabric shows through it. I'd have to buy new binding fabric and re-make it the new way. Since I'm cheap, I'll probably just stick with what I have and try the new technique on another quilt.

Speaking of which...I want to make another Lil' Twister crib quilt. I have all the material and could get started, but I have a partially finished, full-size Log Cabin design that I promised to my niece-in-law. I should get that done first. There are so many quilts that I want to make! The worst part is knowing that I have to grade papers and clean sometime, too. ::sigh::

Well, I should wrap it up. The cats are waiting for their treats.