Friday, December 7, 2012

All blogged out

     In the past few days, I've spent a lot of time on the Internet visiting different Sew Mama Sew blog links. It has been a lot of fun, but I'm done - I'm just overwhelmed by all this time on the Internet. There are so many wonderful blogs, I just can't keep them all sorted out. I added a couple to my reading list, but I couldn't add as many as I liked. How do you decide which blogs to follow?
     My shoulder is still very sore. I really hope I have a quick recovery. I'm so desperate to start sewing again. I want to make Brent a stocking for Christmas. Brent likes penguins and I bought penguin fabric several years ago. It is going to make an adorable stocking if I ever get to it. I don't have the old excuse of "the boys are too young" and "I'm too busy with the family" to put it off any longer!
     I saw another quilt today that I would like to make. It is called On the Slant. It was on Marti's 52 quilts in 52 weeks blog site. I like the geometric style of a lot of quilts. I'm not much into the flowery appliqué style. Someday I think I would like to try hexagons though. That's paper piecing but it's similar to appliqué with the small handstitching. I'm not sure how long my Parkinson's will let me do small handwork.
     I know I won't have time when we visit mom at Christmas, but I'd like to go into JEllen's House of Fabric. They have some new fabric lines and I would like to take advantage of being in a good quilt shop. They carry a lot of Moda fabric and batiks. They have a Facebook page that they update more regularly than their website.
     I was hoping to hear this week from a fabric shop I found online. It is The Rabbit's Lair & they carry a line of Kim Schaefer fabrics called Flower Doodle. They know I'm waiting for a fat quarter bundle of the line; I thought it would be ready to ship by now. I have no idea what I will do with it all! However, I absolutely love it -  it is so pretty and so vibrant that I need to have it and figure out something to do with it. Here is a picture of part of the line, pic found on Google images. Apparently originally posted by

So long for now. Feel free to leave me a comment, please.

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