Completed Works

Here are some pictures of things I've completed.

First are some pillows. These were a gift to my niece for graduating from college. The fabric is from Spoonflower. It is high quality although a little expensive due to all their items being created on a small scale process by private  individuals.

Next is a purse. My friend, Brenda, and I drove to Waynesville, Ohio, one day this past summer. Not only is there a HUGE fabric store there, there is also a home decorating fabric store. Same owners and company, different location and selection. Anyway, I saw this owl fabric. It was so cute and I had no idea what to do with it, but I bought it and some coordinating fabric. After I got home, I made a purse. I made it on a whim, it's not perfect and I learned a lot of what NOT to do next time. But I really like it. The ultimate compliment was when a lady came up to me at a restaurant and asked me where I got my purse. When I told her that I made it, she asked if I'd make one for her, too!

 Mom's lap quilt and pillowcases.

And last for today are the silhouette wall hangings from my nephews' weddings. Yes, some spots are a bit wonky, but I've never machine quilted before!


  Thanks for stopping! Let me know what you think and feel free to offer tips and suggestions!

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