Tuesday, October 13, 2015

November 2015

Hoping I'd fallen off the face of the earth? Sorry, no, just not in a routine of blogging. (Obviously.)

I hope to return to blogging regularly, so we will see. I am finishing my second year as my guild secretary - I am so done. I have done little regular quilting; I have become a serial starter. Our incoming President has plans for a UFO challenge. I think it will be good motivation. I have enough projects to consider. The only recent thing I have done is finish three lap quilts for Hospice. I have three more to finish and donate. I think finishing as secretary will allow me to enjoy quilting again. I can concentrate on my goals more.

Speaking of which, another goal is to be less self-absorbed and more grateful. I have been very down the past couple days: My in-laws are off tomorrow for two weeks in Europe and I cannot go. Parkinsons has forced me to give up my dreams of traveling in retirement. My disability forced me out of work earlier than planned, left me trying to walk, talk, and live more normally than I can, and screws up a lot of plans. I should be grateful for a wonderful husband and two fantastic sons. They never get upset with my help requests and always care for me. I know I am fortunate - but I am still angry.

By quilting, I can give to others. It takes the focus off me.  Maybe I will appreciate what I have. I know that I will lose this ability, too, so I need to control it as long as possible. Off to bed now. My sewing will beckon tomorrow.