Thursday, December 6, 2012

So sore...

Okay, so yesterday I had shoulder surgery. It was to get rid of bone spurs and repair my rotator cuff. Bone spurs are gone but the rotator cuff could not be repaired. Doc says that the pain should be gone after I recover but my arm will be weaker. He wants me to work extra hard in therapy to build up the muscles to compensate for the damaged cuff. Right now, I just want the surgery pain gone and to be out of this sling!

Honestly, it is a good thing that I finished up my mom's gifts before surgery. I made her a scrapbook about her pets, pillowcases out of a blue, batik fabric and hemmed with Red Rooster's "A Tale of Two Kitties" fabric, a sampler lap quilt, and soap in her favorite scent, Sweet Rain, from! I also purchased a puzzle for her. She likes to work on them, especially during the winter months. This is the quilt top before I took it to Lisa B. to be quilted on her longarm.

I suppose I should include a picture of the quilt I started 40 years ago. I've been calling it my retro quilt. There are a lot of flaws, (I started it at 13!) but it is growing on me again. When I get the binding done ??? I will post a picture. Thanks for stopping by! Please write me some comments! I am bored and sore! :-)

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  1. Love the retro quilt, fabulous colors, right in with the modern quilt movement that is going on!! Both quilts are lovely, well done!!