Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday

     There are so many things that I need to do - mostly cleaning - but my shoulder continues to hurt and it's hard to get anything done. My arm is weak, too, meaning even picking up a pan of eggs on the stove requires two hands. Plan to call the doctor tomorrow to tell him that therapy isn't working so well and I'd like to come in. Oh well...
      Brent drove me to Piqua today. He didn't have to go but it was nice to have the company. We found the quilt shop on Main St. that I'd been curious about; of course, I knew it was closed today, but I'll go back soon. Went to Joann Fabrics, too. I had a coupon for 60% off a single cut of fabric. Luckily, I found a great backing for the "retro" quilt. The cost was $62 and I got the fabric for $27! Woohoo! Now I've got everything to finish the quilt but I want my arm to heal a bit first. And I really need to clean - and complete some lesson plans. Ugh.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Returning to work

     So, today is the first day back at school with kids. It's always hectic and I have some large classes this year. I felt really overwhelmed this morning, but I might have just been extra tired. Things are starting to be a bit smoother - it always takes several days to adjust. I admit it: I've been stress eating. I have to cut that out. I need to go heat up my Lean Cuisine lunch and relax for the next half hour. Oh -- and I worry about Matt. He's having trouble getting his textbooks and I don't want him to fall behind in his work the very first week. I'll feel better when that is settled.
     Looking forward to next Monday. I am planning to buy a walking foot and some Bali Pops. I really need the walking foot. I thought I'd be okay without it, but I ended up ripping out a seam twice because of the bunching fabric. I really want to get some sewing done tonight. I haven't decided for sure what pattern I want to use with the charm packs I have. I think Lily and Will will be used in a twister quilt and Ooh-la-la might go into a stacked coins quilt. They are really suitable for baby quilts. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with A Walk in the Woods. Suggestions are welcome!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

      One more much to do. The boys return to BGSU next Sunday. I start school the next day. I need to take the boys shopping, go into the school, have some time with the family, and of course, sew! I'm almost done with my first silhouette quilted wall hanging. I just need to finish making the binding and then bind it, (duh). I came out okay. I hope the nephew and his wife like it!
      I know it's silly, but I really hate the idea of going back to work - mostly because it will cut in on my sewing time! I worry that I won't get things done before my Parkinson's really kicks in. I guess whatever will be, will be. Tired this morning, can't think. That's it for now.