Monday, December 21, 2015


I see it is nearing Chrismas. I barely have any decorations up - no outdoor lights and an indoor tree with ONLY lights. The boys claim they will remedy that tomorrow. We will see!

I have gotten some sewing done. I have four lap quilts ranging from 38 x 42 all the way up to a 61" square ready for the long arm quilter. Ok - full disclosure - I need to get the batting cut for the 61" square and need to iron the seam I created in sewing the backing - but the others are ready. Did I tell you how generous one company was to our guild? They donated enough money so that we could purchase a full bolt of batting. The only stipulation is that it is only available for quilts we are giving to Hospice. There are a couple long-arm quilters in our guild who stitch the quilts for Hospice at no charge - which is generous of their time and skill. Of my 4, three will go there: two are serendipity quilts and one is a minions simple panel. The fourth is my donation to the guild, so I need to pay for that quilting myself. That quilt was a round robin. It is very pretty with its bird fabric and appliqué, but it is not my style. With those off the UFO list, I can move on! (To other UFOs. 😊)

Ok, now for the self pity moment. My in–laws just returned from two weeks in Europe seeing the Christmas markets. They are going to Antartica next year and Scandanavia in 2017! Ugh! I don't care really about the former, but Norway, etc? I'd love to see the fjords and Hans Anderson's Little Mermaid statue. Even if I could physically make it - we have paid out so much for my medical - we couldn't go. This is not what I expected in retirement.
Rant over.

Tomorrow, we are going to try to see Star Wars. I am pretty excited! I have been able to avoid spoilers so far. If anyone has seen it, just tell me if you liked it!