Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1 year? Really??

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I last posted. I feel incredibly rude for ignoring the blog. To be honest, I didn't do much quilting over the past school year - I was placed in a different grade (8th to 5th) and I feel like all I did was concentrate on getting through a different curriculum. This summer, I was able to work on my quilting more and it has been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I am under two weeks away from the start of the school year and I'm starting to feel an anxiety that only other teachers seem to feel. It is all the typical thoughts: Am I ready? Is my room ready? What do I want to accomplish the first day? first week? and so on...I need to remember to quilt at least three-four times a week, in the evening, once school starts. It is a relaxing activity where I can focus on one thing instead of 20-25 students at a time!     Okay, so here are a few pictures of what I have done:

The first quilt is a Serendipity quilt. I know it looks wild, but it is using a line of fabric called Poppy Modern. I received the fabric free, which is the best time to experiment! The next block is called Blazing Star. It is a 24" block and was Towne Squares Quilt Club's latest member workshop.  I really like it! Lastly is a blender quilt - these are some of the blocks I made, but I have many more to make! Thanks for stopping by!