Friday, May 31, 2013

Prize package!

Here it is! Three fabrics lines: Annalee, Season's Best - Winter, and Poppy Modern! There are over 150 charm squares and 15 fat quarters. It is such an awesome prize that I cannot decide what all I will make.  I will have to think on it a while! Now, I need to drool over look at the fabric again. Thanks, Andover!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 I am excited to tell everyone that I won this week's Andover stash contest! Here's the link

Andover has already shipped the prize package! I will give you all the details after it arrives.
Two more days with students and one workday. Busy week, with lots to do - some fun stuff, too. 

After school on Tuesday, three of us made a batch of soap. On Thursday, four of us are having
dinner at the Melting Pot. Have a great week everyone!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Shadow box quilt happiness is a look at my shadow/shadow box quilt in progress! It is actually turning out as I imagined and I am really pleased. I have three more rows to go, plus the sashings and border. I am planning a plain white border to match the sashing, but haven't decided on any additional border(s). I'm considering a thin gray strip to mimic the "shadow" on the blocks, but don't have a clue what I would use after that. (The charm material is Kim Schaefer's Tic Tac line for Andover fabrics.) Any suggestions???

Excuse the cat, Zorro, in the background. He is always so helpful! And the pool table was the easiest place to spread out the pieces. Not very elegant but it works!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good grief!

     I can't believe I haven't written a blog post in so long! I have just been so busy at school, at home, and in general. I have managed to work on some projects -- mostly by neglecting housework. LOL. (Although my husband doesn't think it's funny. ) The school year is almost done so I hope to be back to blogging regularly in the near future.
     So what have I been up to? Well, work and state testing of students' progress, for starters. Plus, there have been meetings after school to help us prepare for the transition to the Common Core standards next year. I am also moving from teaching 7/8th grade math down to 5th grade math. I have to change rooms and move all my personal items, (the custodians will move file cabinets and my desk). I think I am in for a big adjustment! But, at least I have a job. We reorganized at the end of last year and it looks like they are still making adjustments.
     We have also been pushing son #1 to find a regular job.   He starts a new job tonight. He's a bit nervous and that's understandable, but this is a step toward achieving independence as an adult. It is definitely time!
     Son #2 came home from college about two weeks ago. He had a miserable semester and there was some fallout with his grades. These things happen, he just has to get straightened out and try harder next semester.
     As for quilting/sewing, I am still participating in two BOMs. (Okay, so one is a block of every two weeks.) I also managed to make a set of Bargello placemats. They are for my sister-in-law. The placemats are not a perfect Bargello, but I'm glad I tried the process. It doesn't seem nearly as intimidating now if I decide to make a full size quilt. And I learned a lot - next time I will pin even more, use loads more starch, and take more time. I was so excited, I rushed myself! That's never a good thing - my seam ripper became a good friend to me. Let me apologize for the photo: when I took the picture, I didn't realize how well the fabric colors matched my Berber carpet. Also, this was before I quilted them and I am just starting the binding.
     Besides the placemat binding, I am working on a new project. I have a full set of the Tic Tac line (by Kim Schaefer for Andover) in charms. I set them in color rows as best as possible and I am starting a shadow quilt. I'm excited because I love the look so far!
     I'm also excited about two fabric lines, one that I have seen and the other to be released soon. The one that I have seen is Edges by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller. I love all the geometric patterns and colors. The other is an upcoming line by Andover based  on the Downton Abbey series. I have a niece that loves the series. It should be pretty and I am ready to see it now! Anybody waiting for a specific fabric line?