Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dresden Heart

Since the Dare to Dresden blog hop, I have had the Dresden Heart pattern pushing at my brain. I made one in the past and liked how it turned out, but felt the method I was taught to use was more complicated than necessary. Now that I have a little more experience, I modified the "how-to" so that it is more of a paper pieced design. More prep is involved, but I think the results will be better, quicker, and easier to obtain! I really think I would like to make a rainbow assortment of Dresden Hearts; that will be a long term project for me!. Here is my first one - it still needs to be sewn together, (please ignore the striped ironing board cover!) The blues/grays were the first scrap fabrics I pulled together in my excitement to work this through!  I think I am going to take this project to work on at the Towne Squares Quilt Club's display for National Quilting Dayon Saturday at the Greenville Library, (Ohio). What are you doing for National Quilting Day?


  1. Oh I do love this heart!! My sewing group is spending national quilting day together sewing.

  2. very neat job of doing a dresden block. Love the colours.