Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ready for the blog hop!

So I'm getting pretty excited about the It's All About Me Blog hop.  I'm all done with my wallhanging; I really like it. It was so much fun.

Lately, I've been working on a couple other projects. I have a pre-printed fabric that I planned on using for a quilt many years ago. I am piecing it together now; I shouldn't call it piecing, it's mostly sewing long seams.  It won't take long to finish, I have just two borders left. Then I will use the leftover fabric for the backing, take it to be longarmed, and find it a home. I think I have enough fabric to make pillowcases to match!  Originally, I had planned this quilt as an easy summer quilt to throw on our bed. It doesn't appeal to me as much now, so I think this will turn into a guest room coverlet.

I am also working on a Lil' Twister quilt. It is yellow, aqua, and brown. I really like how it looks I so far! I also have been playing with some Christmas fabric scraps to make potholders. The first was a disaster, the second a bit better, and the third is finally something that doesn't embarrass me!

In the next three weeks, we will celebrate three birthdays. Mine is on the 22nd, (George Washington's birthday), my oldest son's birthday is March 2 (the same as Dr. Seuss), and my youngest son's is on Valentine's Day. We like our "special" birthdays! But oh my, time is surely speeding up! I'd like it to slow down a bit. By the end of these three weeks, we are birthday-caked out. My DH will get an apple pie for his birthday in April. It's his favorite anyway!

Hope everyone is safe and warm!

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