Saturday, February 16, 2013

No more teenagers

Today we took a trip to visit our youngest at college. His birthday was two days ago (Valentine's Day!) - and now he's 20! No more teenagers! The oldest turns 21 in just under two weeks. Sigh. Well, it's a four-hour round trip and I didn't have any car-travel friendly quilt projects, so I grabbed this long ignored cross stitch. No, I didn't do all this today! But I did make some progress and I don't know why I quit cross-stitching. I enjoyed it even though I need to get back in the rhythm of stitching again. I know it isn't much to look at yet; just take my word for it that it is the start of an angel watching over a newborn. And even though I enjoyed working on it, the quilter called and said she finished the baby quilt that I made for my niece's newborn, so I will pick that up and finish the binding - which means the cross stitch goes back in storage as a continuing UFO!

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  1. no longer are UFO'S. Join the rest of us as having our crafters PhD-projects half done. Dony know why but it just sounds so much more positive