Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus day musings

School is closed today for Columbus Day. I need to enter some grades and later I have an MRI on my shoulder, but I'm debating what to do for fun. I need to make soap. I have one bar left and actually purchased some manufactured soap for when that is gone. I have to go buy some olive oil and lye first, but it shouldn't take too long to make once I have that. I also want to sew. The new instructions for Mystery Monday 4 will be out today and I started another Lil Twister quilt top on Saturday. Of course, there is still work to be done on the Retro quilt and the Purple Puke quilt, too! I didn't do as much over the weekend as planned because I got food poisoning Friday night. Pretty sure it was tainted coleslaw but I threw away the rest of my leftover dinner that I brought home. Not much fun for the boys to be home and me being sick. I don't feel like I took the time to really visit with them.  Brent took them back yesterday and I stayed here. Okay, so I'm rambling. Better keep this short!

Update: I decided to make soap first, so I went to GFS and bought olive oil. I've measured out the oils and melted the solid ones, but I won't bother to make up the lye water or mix anything until I'm back from my MRI. Now, I've got a little time, I'm going to work on the Mystery Monday project as new instructions were posted today. Grading will wait until tonight!

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