Monday, April 1, 2013

April's fool?

There's a lot to mention today! 
  • Yesterday, I finished my March UFO for Thirteen in '13 hosted by Marti over at 52 quilts in 52 weeks. I'm just giving it a final wash and need to trim the yarn ties. 
  • I need to finish up the border for the first turn in a Round Robin. At least that's not due until March 16th. 
  • The next UFO project for Marti is project #2. For me, that is trying out the Bargello technique on a set of place mats. I've had a Bargello book for several years. I have used the fabric that I had planned to use for these place mats, so I guess I have to go shopping. (Oh darn! LOL!) 
  • New BOM's for the Virtual Bee and Ten Sisters should be coming out on Friday, also. I love the BOM's.
  • I also have a student moving next week. I'm happy for her, she is getting adopted after a long wait. She asked me to make her something and we decided I would make her some pillowcases so she could remember the school. As a surprise, I am going to try to get all her classmates to sign the pillowcases. I wish her well and I hope she has a wonderful, new life.
So am I the April Fool for planning too much? Especially with state academic testing starting in less than three weeks?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Ours was fun. We met on Saturday at my brother's home (about two hours away). We visited for quite a while and had a nice pot luck, (that way, no one gets stuck doing everything). My mother brought down some quilt pieces that my grandmother had started a loooooong time ago. Grandma tried to make six-pointed stars; there are 24 of them! Unfortunately, they were so poorly made, I'm going to have to pick them apart, trim, and re-piece them. I loved my grandmother and she could out-crochet anyone, but I can see why I never knew she attempted to quilt. (I will put some of the blame on the template - it wasn't cut straight.) But the fabrics are interesting and I really want to see what I can make out of them all. There are also just a few "fan" pieces. They don't remind me of any particular pattern, so I will have to see if they can be incorporated into anything else.

Here are my photos:
Purple Kraze quilt finally done! (But too ugly to show the whole thing!)

pre-printed panels made into quilt top
child's purse in new colors
Stars made by Grandma

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  1. Nice work on your finishes this month! What a shame you'll have to go out and buy more fabric for your No. 2 project, who ever wants to do that!