Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby quilt - top done!

Hello to my new followers! I'm so glad you are here! Sunday night was not my most successful sewing night. I'd been plugging along all day, making good progress on the baby quilt. I half thought that I could finish the top and was feeling pretty pleased with myself..."Pride cometh before a fall..." As I was pinning the last group of blocks on, I realized that the entire previous row was on upside down! I have no idea how I managed that because I really was trying to be so very careful. After ripping out that set of blocks, I decided to take a break from it until Monday. I am still hoping to take it to the quilter this week so I really do need to hurry! (That's what I get for deciding a month before my niece's due date to make her a baby quilt!)

I go to therapy in the morning. Then hubby and I are going out to breakfast, probably at Bob Evans. When I get home, I'll try to finish up the quilt. I also need to finish making a calendar for 2013. I started scrapbooking one and didn't finish it. At least I have January and February done but I need to put in some more pages and pictures for the rest of the months!

Monday: I have finished up the baby quilt. I still need to piece the back. I don't have enough fabric to make a solid back piece so I'll put some solid color fabric with some of the print fabric that I have for the quilt. I called the long-arm quilter; she should be able to get it done by the end of next month. That should work out well with the baby due in the middle of February. After the baby is born, I will find out the name and will be able to embroider her name on the quilt, also.

Back to school tomorrow for a teacher workday. It's been nice having an extra day off! Number one son is out looking for a job today. I guess since he's back home temporarily, I'm no longer an empty nester. I should be again, soon - but perhaps my blog name is false advertising right now. LOL.

There are some blog hops coming up arranged by Madame Samm. There is the Valentine's Day one - Hugs & Kisses - and then the It's All About ME! blog hop. I am only in the second one but am so looking forward to both! It's All About ME! was to start Feb 21st, but now it will be a little earlier. Marlene from Stitching by the Lake is our cheerleader.

I guess I should show off the quilt now! Thanks for visiting today! (And sorry I got so wordy!)


  1. Quilt turned out cute. No matter how careful I am I usually how to redo something.

  2. That's such a sweet quilt for a baby girl. Love the colors you picked.

  3. Hi Debbie, this is Jan fromThe Pink Geranium, and came over from GYB. I am amazed at the talent you quilters have, and hope to maybe try it again some day!

    I am your newest follower, please come visit me as well!