Saturday, January 12, 2013

And I'm off!

Okay, for me, I've jumped in with both feet this time! Retro quilt is done except for a label, Purple Craze quilt has a backing, is spray basted, and I started to tie it. The scrappy binding is made, so once it is all tied, I have a head start on the binding. The Lil Twister quilt has the binding sewed to the front but I still need to stitch the back by hand. And tonight, Matt (son #1) and I cut up his old t-shirts so that I can make him a memory quilt. I suspect there are enough cut designs for two sides but we'll have to wait and see! I am planning to group the MS/HS years onto one side, elementary school years on the other. PLUS, I have now added another quilt to the stack of things to do. I won some fabric from XO Gigi Fabrics so I ordered some extra fabric - enough to make a baby quilt for niece Erin's new little girl, (due the middle of next month). I am adapting a pattern from a quilt magazine. It is a basic, geometric pattern made up of two complimentary block, but the blocks are 16 inches square! Add in the borders and sashing and you only have room for 2 x 3 block arrangement. I think that is too little, so I recalculated the design measurements so I could create a 3 x 4 arrangement. I think it will be more attractive on the slightly smaller scale. Wow, I am rambling! That's all for now! Oh - here's a picture of one of the blocks on this Purple Craze quilt and then an overall pic of it in my quilting area (excuse the mess!). Yes, it is weird and ugly!

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