Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Returning to work

     So, today is the first day back at school with kids. It's always hectic and I have some large classes this year. I felt really overwhelmed this morning, but I might have just been extra tired. Things are starting to be a bit smoother - it always takes several days to adjust. I admit it: I've been stress eating. I have to cut that out. I need to go heat up my Lean Cuisine lunch and relax for the next half hour. Oh -- and I worry about Matt. He's having trouble getting his textbooks and I don't want him to fall behind in his work the very first week. I'll feel better when that is settled.
     Looking forward to next Monday. I am planning to buy a walking foot and some Bali Pops. I really need the walking foot. I thought I'd be okay without it, but I ended up ripping out a seam twice because of the bunching fabric. I really want to get some sewing done tonight. I haven't decided for sure what pattern I want to use with the charm packs I have. I think Lily and Will will be used in a twister quilt and Ooh-la-la might go into a stacked coins quilt. They are really suitable for baby quilts. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with A Walk in the Woods. Suggestions are welcome!

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